Wholesale goods

M+M Tabak operates a bonded warehouse stocked with cigarettes and tobacco products, while also distributing to retailers nonperishable food and beverages alongside cigarettes and tobacco products.

distribution network

Our distribution centers in Nitra and Prešov make M+M Tabak one of the few suppliers able to supply tobacco products to our wholesale and retail customers and also to chains anywhere in Slovakia.

Our major business partners include Tesco, Kaufland, Shell, Heineken Geco and more.

Food, soft drinks
and alcoholic beverages

M+M Tabak sells food, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages wholesale from a central warehouse in western Slovakia. As a member of the DONA network, M+M promotes independent businesses in Slovakia, while organizing sales events for our wholesale customers and providing them with a number of advantageous opportunities. Our wholesale customers can also find out about bargain purchases through our wholesale food brochures and weeklies.

This page shows the products that are intended only for persons over 18 years of age!